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The best and safest way to grow your streams. Highly proven and bot free!

Follower Growth

Grow your following with genre based AD campaigns.

Sales Growth

Build an audienced through AD campaigns which will lead to sales in merch and tickets.

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  • 200K Streams – $1299
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How it works?


Account Setup

We’ll run an ad campaign through our AD account on Facebook. We will target an audience from your selected country and genre of preference.


Audience Research & Ad Creation

Secondly, your ads will go live. This is how it will show up.


Track Your Growth

Finally, you can track the progress of your song on your Spotify for artists Dashboard. You will start seeing growth on “Your Profile and catalog”.

Why Choose us?

The name Playlist Reach stems from reaching further than a playlist. Our services perform 5x more effective than a playlist. We have a team of highly skilled digital marketing experts. We will reach your potential audience and retarget the same audience through an ad. We strongly believe showing your ads to people 4 or 5 times a week is a great way to generate interest which will lead to link clicks. We have helped thousands of artists generate thousands to millions of streams and ultimately built a strong audience.

We have a variety of Ad sets that work for different genres. We will also allow you to choose your target location. Ad costs on platforms like Facebook and Google are higher when you focus on one country or location. Please make sure you have your artwork/cover art ready or attach a video. In the video, you could tell people to go listen to your song or it could be a snippet of your music video).

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