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Stream Growth

The best and safest way to grow your streams. Highly proven and bot free!

Follower Growth

Grow your following with genre based campaigns.

Sales Growth

Build an audienced through campaigns which will lead to sales in merch and tickets.

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  • 20-30k follower reach - $45
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  • 100k-150k follower reach - $149
  • 150k -200k follower reach - $199 “Popular”
  • 400k follower reach - $449
  • 500k follower reach - $599
  • 1 million follower reach - $999
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How it works?

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Account Setup

We’ll run an ad campaign through our AD account on Facebook. We will target an audience from your selected country and genre of preference.


Audience Research & Ad Creation

Secondly, your ads will go live. This is how it will show up.


Track Your Growth

Finally, you can track the progress of your song on your Spotify for artists Dashboard. You will start seeing growth on “Your Profile and catalog”.

Why Choose us?

At playlist reach we go above and beyond to provide the best service at an affordable rate. Playlisting is by far the easiest way to generate streams on your song. Most of us are aware of the devious ways some people generate streams through playlisting which is mainly bots. At Playlist Reach, we make sure every playlist your song gets added on or curators we use are thoroughly vetted. We run them through chart metrics, We check the save rate , if you generate followers from the playlists, if the followers are fake by how fast they fall off etc . We hang our hats on providing the best service. Our aim is to help artist grow a fan base through playlisting .

Real Playlists

Our playlists have been grown exclusively via social media ads to targeted listeners.

High Save Rate

You can expect a 15% 40% save rate from our playlists.

Targeted Playlists

We don't run random playlists. We offer (genre-specific playlists for every genre.

Algorithmic Activation

Our playlists can help you activate algorithmic playlists to take your growth even further.


1Is this bots?

No, its 100% organic and royalty eligible

2What is the difference between Playlists and AD campaign?

Playlist- We will send your music to independent playlist curators who will add your song to a playlist.

AD campaign - We will set ads on facebook using the link and art work you provide us to help you
generate streams.

3How many streams will I get?

Playlists- We cannot guarantee a specific amount of streams on playlists but all the lists are active.

AD Campaign - We will run the ads till you reach a specific amount of streams which can be tracked on
profile/catalog in your Spotify dashboard.

4Is this Payola?

No you are paying for a marketing service.

GET 15%