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£̶1499 £700


This is a great opportunity to get your music in front of “1 million” potential listeners. We are currently offering 50% OFF to help make it more affordable for most independent artists. We have had several clients use this promotion and they have all returned with good testimonials about their growth in this industry. This is the fastest way to grow your streams and reach which will ultimately help you build an audience.

Lets be realistic, building an audience is the best way to go due to the low pay outs from streaming platforms. For £700 you can get your music infront a million people ! That is 11 sold out/full Wembley stadium capacity. If just 10% of those potential listeners actually listen to your music just once within 30 days thats 100k streams.

Can we predict or guarantee the specific number of streams you will receive from this?
No, but we will make sure the curators place you in a genre targeted playlist which will help reduce skip rate and increase engagement (saves and followers).