1Which Countries do you target?

We have a few options
- US only
- UK only
- US, Canada, Europe,Uk

2What If I want to target a different country?

You can send us an email and we will look into it for you.

3Can You run the ads on my own AD account?

Yes, we can do that but the pricing will be 10x more expensive.

4Can You guarantee streams?

 We will run the ads till you reach your goal. We will be able to determine that by the amount of link clicks multipled by 3. From our experience running ads and retargeting the listeners. Listeners are more likely to listen 3-5x.

5Is this Payola?

No you are paying for a marketing service.

6Is it Bots?

No, Far from bots. Its is 100% ADs driven.

7Will I receive Royalties?


8How do I know this is legit?

Upon request, once the campaign is complete. We will send you the performance of your ads.

9How Do I track the growth?

Check profile/catalog and sometimes others on your Spotify for artists dashboard.

10Will my song get taken down?

No. In case it gets taken down. We will send you proof of the ads. Which could be sent to Spotify to get your song back up.