1. 1
    What do you do ?

    We are a marketing company. We take your songs and send them to legit independent curators we have personally done research on and verified .

  2. 2
    Do you sell streams/Plays?

    We do not sell streams or followers. We are just here to send your music to independent curators for a guaranteed placement

  3. 3
    Are the playlists real?

    Yes, 100% real and not free. We have personally done several research on them and tested them before accepting them.

  4. 4
    Do you add the songs yourself?

    No, we do not own any of the playlist.

  5. 5
    Do you guarantee Discover Weekly Placement?

    No, we do not guarantee discover weekly placements. Chances of you getting on discover weekly is high due to high engagement on your song.

  6. 6
    How long will the campaign last?

    Every list we add your song to will last for a month.

  7. 7
    Can I promote my EP?

    Yes, the minimum order you can do for an EP is the 100k-200k follower reach. We would advise you to go for 250k + follower reach if it is between 5-8 songs.
    When placing the order please add a note specifying which songs you want to be placed in a playlist and state that it is an EP.

  8. 8
    Is this Payola or against Spotify’s rules?

    100% No. You are paying for our services to utilize our network of independent curators not pay for plays.