Playlisting has proven to be the the most effective way to get your music heard. Promoting music could be a slightly tough for most artists. This is why we established Playlist Reach.  We are here to handle the every day responsibilities of artists when it comes to music promotion.

We have worked with thousands of artists. We have helped them grow their streams, saves and followers all through playlisting. Our ultimate goal is to help artists build an audience.

We will send your music to legit independent curators who will place your music in a genre targeted playlist.

We are here to make music promotion easy for you!

  • We run all our playlists through chartmetric to make sure all streams and engagement are 100% real and organic.
  • High Engaging Playlists which will help you grow an audience and engagement(Saves, Followers, Shares).
  • We listen to your song to help us determine which playlist/audience will be a good fit.
  • We add songs to less crowded playlists to lower/prevent skip rate.
  • All the playlists we work with are genre specific.
  • Our aim is to help provide the best playlist.